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Creating & Holding Meeting Votes

Managing votes in BoardSpot is interactive and effective. Meeting participants can cast electronic votes, and then see vote outcomes documented clearly within BoardSpot. This article shares details on both creating a vote in BoardSpot, as well as running the voting process during a meeting.

Organization Admins and Committee Admins can create, hold, and set outcomes for meeting votes. Contact your organization's administrator's for assistance with this task.

Creating a meeting vote:

As admin user, navigate to Meetings home page. Select the correct meeting.
Click Create Vote.
Draft the Question, the description text, and any needed attachments.
Choose meeting participants who will vote. Optionally, choose a person to certify the vote.
Click Save.

Creating a vote:

The optional vote outcome certifier will receive an email after the vote is closed, in which they can click the link and land on the BoardSpot meeting page associated with that vote. From there they can click the button to certify the vote outcome.

Holding a vote during a meeting:

As admin user, navigate to Meetings home page. Select the correct meeting.
Scroll down to Votes section.
Click Open Voting.
Allow attendees to select their answer, then click Close Voting.
Click Set Outcome button. Select the correct Outcome radio button, and the desired Display radio button. Optionally, add text about the vote and outcome.
Click Submit Outcome.

Taking the vote:

Setting the vote outcome:

Updated on: 22/09/2023

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