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Holding a Vote Outside of a Meeting

Votes can be held outside a meeting following a few simple steps.

Organization Admins and Committee Admins can create, hold, and set outcomes for votes. Contact your organization's administrator's for assistance with this task.

Voting between meetings can be achieved by attaching the vote to a specially-crafted meeting.

To create a vote outside of a regular meeting:

Create a new meeting, and set the time span to an all-day or multi-day event with a date range that matches how long you'd like the voting to be open.
Change the Meeting Type to "Special Event", and give it a title along the lines of 'Special vote on some topic'.
In the Meeting Information field, add any details or instructions that might be useful to the participants.
Uncheck the "Generate Meeting Packet" box, and leave everything else blank.
Save the meeting.
Add a vote to this meeting from the meeting's page, including all relevant information and supplemental materials.
When you're ready to open the vote, click Open Voting.
Select the Email Participants link (top of page) and draft email to let everyone know that voting is open. Note: When you draft this email, toggle off all of the inclusion options except for "Vote Details".
After participants have made their vote selections, click Close Voting and Set Outcome to record the decision made.

Note: if you use these specially-crafted meetings to hold votes, please be aware that your attendance reports will count them as meetings. It is possible to adjust for this by downloading an attendance report excel or csv files and delete these vote-only specially crafted meetings. Then your report will be accurate.

Updated on: 02/06/2023

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