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Removing and Restoring People

Within BoardSpot it is easy to remove a person from your People list, your committees, and your meetings. It is also possible to restore their profile should they return.

Deleting/Archiving a Person:

Log in as an admin user for the organization.
Navigate to the People home page.
Click on the ellipses next to the person, and select Remove.
Click Remove in the prompt to move the user to the trash.

Removing a Person:

Note: Any person whose profile is archived (in Trash) can continue to use their log in to the portal, but will only see an “Access Denied” message. They will not see any of the left navigation options (Dashboard, People, Committees, etc.). They will also be removed from all board and committee memberships.

Restoring a Previously-Removed Person:

Click on the Trash link in the bottom of the left sidebar menu.
Find the person you would like to restore, and click Restore next to their name.

It is possible to restore any person who has previously been removed (put in Trash) from the organization. Note: after restoring the person, any board or committee memberships will need to be re-established manually.

Updated on: 25/05/2023

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