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The Governing Documents Page

Documents are simple way to stay organized in your BoardSpot portal. Governing documents is the home of the official documented information about the Organization. All board members should familiarize themselves with the organization's governing documents, and review them regularly. This article explains Governing Document access.

The Documents home page is visible to all Board Members and Staff. These are not visible to Staff and Guests.

The Documents section of BoardSpot contains the organization's governing documents, grouped into buckets or folders.‌

Hover over the document name to select whether to view it in a new tab, or download it to your device. Click the document name to open it inside the portal.

The Documents home page:

Click on a document's title to view or download the document to your device.
Documents stored on the Documents home page should be items that are applicable to the entire organization and/or are pertinent for more than just one meeting. Any documents that are specific to a meeting or committee should be housed in that committee's documents or meetings.

Updated on: 22/02/2024

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