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Adding and Creating Board Member Titles

Identifying board member titles is an important part of your portal, both for new and tenured members. Keeping the board/committee titles up to date is easy and simple within BoardSpot. This article shows how to select titles and create additional titles.

Only Organization Admins can add and update board member titles. Please contact your organization's administrators for assistance with this task.

Selecting a title for a board member:

From the Board or Committee home page select Edit and Members.
Scroll to the member you wish to add a title for.
Click the down arrow to the far right of their name.
Scroll thru the list and choose the desired title.
Note: This can be repeated for all members, if applicable. No title is required within BoardSpot.
Click Save at top right.

Selecting a person's board/committee title

Adding a new title to your portal if it doesn't already exist:

After clicking the down arrow next to the board member's name and identifying that the desired title is not in the list, place cursor in the text field.
Type out the new desired title.
Click Create {new title}.
Click Save at top right. This title will now be available within your portal.

Adding a new title

Updated on: 22/09/2023

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