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Committee Documents

Committee documents are simple to organize and locate in BoardSpot. Committee documents is the place to house the official information for this committee. All board members should familiarize themselves with the documents for any committees they are a member of. This article will explain how to create document groups and upload documents there.

Organization Admins and Committee Admins can upload a document to a committee. Contact your organization's administrator(s) for assistance with this task.

A committee's documents are visible to:

Any person who is a participant in that committee.
All Staff and Board Members.
All Organization Admins.
The admins of that committee.

Click on a document to view or download the document to your device.
The documents housed within a committee should be items that are applicable to only that committee and/or any meetings of that committee. Documents belonging to a private committee will be accessible to only that committee's participants.

Updated on: 23/01/2024

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