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Creating Committees

Committees are an integral part of a nonprofit board, and BoardSpot makes managing committees smooth and painless.

Organization Admins and Committee Admins can mange committees. Contact your organization's administrator(s) for assistance with these tasks. Private committees are available in the Standard and Enterprise Plans.

Creating/Adding a committee to an organization:

Log in as an admin user for the organization.
Click the + Create button in the top right of the application, and select Committee.
Fill out the committee's information, including:
Title and description.
Whether this is a private committee.
Who the committee admins will be.
Quorum threshold.
Click Save to create the committee.

A private committee is only visible to members of that committee, the admins for that committee, and the Organization Admins.

To add participants to a committee:

Log in as an admin user for the organization.
Navigate to the Committee home page, scroll to the correct committee, click Edit and choose Members.
Choose the drop down list Select person and click the name of the person to add. Note: Within a committee, Members count towards quorum, and can vote. But within a committee, Staff and Guests do not count towards quorum, and do not vote by default (though this can be changed when a vote is created).

Committee participants can be designated as member, staff, or guest roles and this is independent of the role they play within the greater organization. Committee participants can be assigned titles such as chair, secretary, etc.. and these titles do not correlate to administrative privileges within BoardSpot.

Updated on: 02/06/2023

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