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Displaying Roles & Titles

Displaying your member's roles and titles is an important tool for identification, and assists both new and tenured board members. Keeping the roles and titles up to date is easy and simple within BoardSpot. This article explains these settings.

Only Organization Admins can add and update member roles and titles. Please contact your organization's administrators for assistance with this task.

BoardSpot role and title displays:

If your members have both their organization role and their board/committee title under their name on the board/committee's home page, this means your Settings are displaying both role and title. It looks like this:

*In the above example, "Board Member" is Helen's role and "Chairperson" is her title. To remove either the role or title, refer to instructions on displaying, above.

To display the roles and/or titles of your members:

As an admin, log into BoardSpot and select Settings from the sidebar menu, then choose Organization Settings.
Scroll down to the Access & Display section.
Toggle on/off the Member Profile Display options.
Click Save Organization.

Changing member profile display options:

Updated on: 23/01/2024

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