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Editing and Removing Committees

Some committees will last the lifetime of an organization. Others will play a role for only a season. BoardSpot makes it straightforward to update or remove a committee. A removed committee can be restored if needed. This article shows how to update or remove a committee.

Updating a committee in an organization:

Log in as an admin user for the organization.
Navigate to the Committee page and click Edit and choose Settings.
Update the committee as needed, including setting the Quorum threshold, making a committee private, adding committee admins, adding or removing members of this committee, and changing the role that members will play in this committee.
Click Save to complete the update.

Edit committee settings:

Removing/Archiving a committee:

Log in as an admin user for the organization.
Navigate to the committee page and click on the elipses menu.
Select the Remove option.
Click Remove in the prompt to archive the committee.

Removing a committee:

Note: Deleting a committee from an organization will remove all of the members from the committee, and all references throughout BoardSpot. The committee will be in the Trash and can be restored, if needed.

Updated on: 12/07/2023

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