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Managing Committee Participants

The function of committee participants is determined by their assigned role within that committee, and is not dictated by the role they play within the greater organization. BoardSpot makes committee roles clear and straightforward. If a committee participant has questions about their role and accessibility, they should speak with the Organization's administrators. This article explains how to add and manage committee participants.

Both Organizational Admins and Committee Admins can add or remove Administrators, Guests, and participants from a committee. Contact your organization's administrator(s) for assistance with these tasks.

To add participants to a committee:

Log in as an admin user for the organization.
Navigate to the Committee home page, click Edit Members under the ellipses to the right of the correct committee.
Scroll to the correct section that will be this person's role in the committee (either Member, Guest, or Staff) and choose the drop down list Select person, selecting the name of the person to add. Note: Within a committee, Members count towards quorum, and can vote. But within a committee, Staff and Guests do not count towards quorum, and do not vote by default (though this can be changed when a vote is created).

Add committee participant:


Update committee participant's role within the committee:


Committee participants can be designated as member, staff, or guest roles and this is independent of the role they play within the greater organization. Committee participants can be assigned titles such as chair, secretary, etc.. and these titles do not correlate to administrative privileges within BoardSpot.

Committee Admins are available on the Standard, Professional and Enterprise Plans.

To manage Committee Admins:

On the committee's page select Actions and choose Edit Settings.
Scroll down to Access & Permissions section.
To add an Admin click the Add Another button and choose the correct name. To remove an Admin select the Remove option next to their name.
Click Save to complete the update.

Add/remove Committee Admins:


Each committee can have committee-specific admins assigned. Committee admins are limited to administrating only the committee to which they are assigned that admin role. Committee admins have privileges to create and manage meetings, agendas, and votes, as well as adding documents, editing members, taking attendance, and emailing participants of that committee. Both organizational admins and committee admins can add or remove administrators from the committee.

To manage committee guests:

Within the people home page, choose the guest profile to update and select Edit in the ellipses menu.
Scroll down to the 'Board & Committee Memberships' section.
Check the box for the committee this guest will participate in, and select their Role as 'Member'.
Click Save to complete the update.

Add/remove committee guests:


The function of a Guest in a committee is determined by their assigned role within that committee. A board Guest can be configured to vote and count towards quorum within a committee if they are assigned as a 'committee member'.

Updated on: 23/01/2024

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