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Portal Members Leaving or Returning

Board members/Staff/Committee Members/Guests can cycle in and out of your organization over time. Keeping your portal up to date is important and BoardSpot makes it easy to manage member profiles, so that your portal is always accurate and secure. This article explains how to handle these profiles in the portal.

Organization Admins can make changes to leaving/returning member profiles. Please contact your admin(s) for assistance with these tasks.

A Board Member/Staff/Committee Member/Guest is leaving

Archiving the profile of a member who has left the organization:

As an org admin, navigate to People in the sidebar menu.
Select the ellipses on the profile of the board member to be archives, and select Remove.
Note: This profile is now on the "Past Member" tab list. This member's login credentials no longer allow access to the portal.

Removing a profile:

All Past Members will remain in that list, and are never deleted by BoardSpot.

A Board Member/Staff/Committee Member/Guest is returning

Restoring the profile of a member who is returning to the organization:

As an org admin navigate to the Past Members list, under Members in the sidebar menu.
Locate the profile and click + Restore, and the member's previous role (board member, staff, etc) is restored.
Navigate to this member's profile in People on the sidebar menu and select Edit to assign this person to the correct committee memberships.
Note: This profile is now restored and the member's previous login credentials (email and password) work again. If the member does not remember their login credentials, they can reset their password on the website under the Login link.

Restoring a profile:

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Updated on: 27/02/2024

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