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Agenda Builder

BoardSpot's agenda builder tool is an easy way to create your meeting agendas. With features such as topic duration times, outcome types, and presenter assignments your agenda materials will be comprehensive and professional. This article spells out how to use BoardSpot's agenda builder tool.

Organization Admins and Committee Admins can create an agenda. Contact your organization's administrator(s) for assistance with this task.

Building a new agenda:

Once a meeting is created, use the agenda builder tool by clicking the + Create Agenda button on the meeting's page, and selecting the Agenda builder (preferred) option.
Next the Template selection will appear. New agendas can start off with a BoardSpot Template, a Custom Template, or a PDF upload. Choose the template of your choice.
Once finished adding details, click Save.

*See Agenda Templates to understand the template options.

Adding agenda details:

In an agenda, each Roman numeral represents a different primary topic. A description field below each topic can be used for added information.
To create more topics in the agenda document, select + button.
To create sub-topics, use the 'return' key or click on the + button.
To indent sub-topics, use the grey indent symbols to the left of the Roman numerals or use the 'tab' key. Sub-topics can be indented as many levels as needed.
To add bulleted or numbered lists, place curser in Description field and then click on the paragraph symbol to the left. Select preferred list type.
To edit the Description text (bold, italics, etc), highlight the correct text at which point the edit options will appear. Choose the appropriate edit option.
Minute durations can be assigned to each agenda topic and sub-topic in the field below the title. A running total will be automatically calculated and displayed at the top of the agenda draft. If the minutes add up to greater than total meeting time, the duration will turn red as a warning. At the top of the builder form use the dropdown menu to choose to show minute durations, the time that topic should start, or both, in the final agenda.
Presenters and outcome types can be assigned for each agenda topic and sub-topic. Presenter names can be chosen under the topic title. Outcomes can be chosen by clicking on Inform, Discuss, and/or Decide to the right of the title. A box will appear around each outcome that is added.
Supplemental documents can be added to each agenda topic and sub-topic, using the Attach document link. In the final agenda, the document name link will appear under the agenda topic where it is assigned.
The Preview link at top of the form can be used any time during agenda creation for an easy visual check on the final agenda. Use the X at top right to close the preview and continue working on the agenda.

Note: You can copy/paste an external agenda into the agenda builder tool. Choose the blank agenda template. Copy the content from your original document, then place cursor in Roman numeral one and paste.

Adding agenda details and formatting:

Adding durations, presenters, and outcomes to an agenda, as well as uploading supplemental materials:

Editing an agenda:

Click on the Actions button.
Select Edit Agenda.

Updated on: 22/01/2024

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