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Recurring Meetings

Recurring meetings are a time-saving way to set up a series of regularly occurring board or committee meetings. Recurring meeting invitations make it simpler and faster for meeting participants to block their calendars and avoid future conflicts. A recurring meeting series can include up to 12 instances. This article explains how to create a series of recurring meetings.

The Recurring meetings functionality is available in ALL BoardSpot plans.
Organization Admins and Committee Admins can set up recurring meetings. Contact your organization's administrator(s) for assistance with these tasks.

Creating a recurring meeting series:

As admin user, navigate to the Meetings page on the sidebar menu.
Click + Create Meeting.
Select the Board or committee this series will be for and hit Continue.
Select the "Recurring Meeting" meeting type by clicking on that box.
Fill in the meeting date, start and end time, and correct time zone. Alternately, you can select the duration of the meeting rather than adding the end time.
Use the dropdown to insert the number of times this meeting series will include - any number between 2 and 12.
Select the correct "Repeat Schedule" option, using the visual calendar preview to ensure accuracy.
Click the Save & Schedule button. Alternately, you can click on the down arrow next to "Save & Schedule" and select the Save as Draft option. This means the meeting series will not yet be visible to participants and you will need to "schedule" this meeting in order to send an email and calendar invitation to the participants.
IMPORTANT: Advise all meeting participants to accept the meeting series even if they know they will have a conflict with one or more of the meeting dates. After accepting the whole series of meetings (RSVP with "yes"), they can then go into individual meeting dates and decline those events. This will ensure the series is on their calendar for the dates they will attend. If a participant has accidentally declined the whole series, have them change their reply on the calendar to the first meeting in the series (or go back to the email notification and reply "yes" from there) and then decline individual meeting dates.

Email sent when recurring meeting series is published:

Email sent with places to RSVP for a meeting:

Create a recurring meeting series:

Updating a single meeting that was created as part of a meeting series:

Once a meeting series is Scheduled, each individual meeting is now unlinked from the other meetings in that series and can be changed or canceled. If more than one meetings in the series needs to be updated, these changes will need to be actioned one at a time.
Navigate to the specific meeting that needs updating and select Edit Details from the ellipses menu. Make changes and click Save.
If cancelling, select Cancel Meeting from that same ellipses menu and follow confirmation prompts.

Updating a meeting's details:

Cancelling a meeting:

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Updated on: 29/01/2024

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