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Casting a Vote

Voting is an important role in board membership. BoardSpot's voting feature makes executing on this responsibility both simple and speedy. This article will explain how to prepare for and cast a vote.

Voting permission is the default for Board Members and Committee Members. Staff and Guests can be assigned voting permission upon creation of specific votes.
Organization Admins and Committee Admins create votes and assign voting permissions. Contact your organization's administrator(s) for any needed assistance.

To review a vote's details before a meeting:

In the inbox associated with the email in your BoardSpot account, open the committee meeting notification email.
Click on the Review Votes button. This will open your BoardSpot portal.
After logging in, navigate to the meeting page and scroll down to the "Votes" section.
Here you will see the vote(s) listed, along with any materials attached for review.

To cast your vote:

An Organization Admin or Committee Admin can open a vote, which allows you to make your selection.
Log into BoardSpot and navigate to the appropriate meeting page. (This can be expedited by clicking on the link within the meeting notification email.)
Scroll down to the "Votes" section.
Once you see "Voting is in progress", you can make your selection. (Once the Admin has opened the vote click anywhere on the Votes section to refresh the page, if you do not see this message.)
After your choice has been made, you will see notification of your logged vote including the date and time.

Meeting participants should review all materials for a meeting and vote ahead of time, and be prepared to discuss and/or cast a vote during the meeting.

Updated on: 22/09/2023

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