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Holding a Meeting and Meeting Follow Up

Using BoardSpot during and after a meeting will ensure you keep accurate and timely records. Board and Committee members can access these records during and after a meeting to follow along, or reference later. This article illustrates how Admins can use BoardSpot both during and after a meeting to make record-keeping easier and faster.

Organizational Admins and Committee Admins can run a meeting in BoardSpot. Contact your organization's administrator(s) if you need assistance with these tasks.

During the Meeting

I. Presenting during a meeting:

Navigate to the Meetings list page. Select the correct meeting.
Select View in Presentation Mode at the top of the page. Note: to exit just click Close Presentation on the top right corner.

Using Presentation Mode:

Presentation Mode is a useful tool when participants are in a conference room with projection system, or similar setting.

II. Taking attendance during a meeting (available in the Standard, Professional, and Enterprise Plans):

As admin user, navigate to the Meeting's page.
Select the "Attendees" tab.
Fill in checkboxes for Yes or No under "Attended". The Quorum tracker on the right automatically changes from red to green when the threshold is met.
No need to click anything to save these details, and these checkboxes can be edited.
By taking attendance before the Minutes are created, the attendance information will be included.

Taking Attendance:

III. Using BoardSpot's Minutes Builder tool to populate meeting minutes (available in the Standard, Professional, and Enterprise Plans):

Click Add Minutes and select the Minutes builder (preferred) option.
Choose Yes, import agenda. Once minutes are taken, click on the Save button. The Minutes can be saved in Draft form (that only admins can view). Once ready, the Minutes can be Published which will make them visible to participants of that meeting.

Using Minutes Builder to populate meeting minutes:

Populating the Minutes items from the Agenda is possible if the BoardSpot Agenda Builder tool was used to create the agenda.

IV. Using BoardSpot's Minutes Builder tool to take notes during the meeting:

Begin typing notes in the open Notes field below each agenda item.
To create more topics in the minutes document, select + button and choose Add item.
To indent/create sub-topics, select + button and choose Add item then use the grey indent symbols to the left of the Roman numerals.
To add bulleted or numbered lists, place curser in Notes field and then click on the paragraph symbol to the left. Select preferred list type.
To edit the Note text (bold, italics, etc) highlight the correct text, at which point the edit options will appear. Choose the appropriate edit option.
To edit/add the presenter of each section, click on the drop down menu and choose name from the list of participants.
To record motions that come up during the meeting, click the + button and select Add motion. In the added box, the admin can note the motion title, select participants, and record the final decision (carried or failed). The admin can also record number of each type of vote.
Any time during the taking of the minutes a preview is available by clicking on the 'Preview' link at the top of the form. Note: To rearrange the items within your agenda, use the cursor to grab the six vertical dots on the left of the item number, then drag and drop into preferred order.
Determine if this minutes record will include a header and/or attendance information by checking the appropriate boxes at the top of the form.
Once the minutes are complete, click Save.
Once the meeting minutes have been saved they will show up under the Minutes tab on the meeting's page. No need to upload them.

After the Meeting

If the Minutes Builder was NOT used to create this meeting's notes, you can upload a minutes document (required for the Essentials Plan):

As admin user, navigate to Meeting's page.
Click on the Minutes tab and select Add Minutes.
Click on the Choose File button, and select the file from your computer.
Hit Save.

Uploading a minutes document:

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Updated on: 25/01/2024

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