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Using the Zoom Integration

Using the BoardSpot Zoom integration to set up video calls for remote meetings is quick and easy! After linking your Zoom account with BoardSpot, a simple click generates a new video conference call link which is stored in BoardSpot and in Zoom. Any number of Zoom accounts can be linked to your organization's portal. This article explains how to set up a Zoom call for a meeting, and how to link your Zoom account to your portal.

Board and Committee members who will run meetings can link their Zoom account (either free or paid accounts) to their BoardSpot portal. By having a Zoom account linked, that member is the owner of the meeting and can start/end the video call.
Organization Admins and Committee Admins can use the Zoom integration to set up meeting video calls and assign the calls to the appropriate Zoom account owner. Contact your organization's administrator's for assistance with this task.

After your Zoom account is linked to BoardSpot (see instructions below), select the Zoom option for your video conference call.

Click the Create a Zoom meeting for me button.

Confirm the Zoom account to use for this meeting. (Your organization can link any number of Zoom accounts to BoardSpot.)

The Zoom meeting has been created and added to both BoardSpot and Zoom. The link is visible on the Meeting's page.

Remember to use a Zoom account of someone who will be in attendance at the meeting, so they can start, end, and admit others to the call.
Note: If a committee/board member is removed (put in the trash) their Zoom account link will be removed. If a member unlinks their Zoom account from your portal, their Zoom meeting links will be removed automatically.

Linking your Zoom account to BoardSpot (these steps will be required only the first time):

In a Meeting's details, select Zoom for the video option, and then click the Create a Zoom meeting for me button.

Click the Connect your Zoom Account button.

Sign into your Zoom account (you can use a free account).
Allow BoardSpot and Zoom to link.

Click on the Go Back link to go back to the meeting details.

Proceed with the meeting video setup and Confirm the Zoom account to use for this meeting.

If you receive an error message to "allow popups" the first time you try to create a Zoom meeting, follow instructions for allowing popups in the Browser you are using - such as Chrome, Safari, etc.. These instructions can be found by searching "How do I allow popups in {Browser name}".

Updated on: 22/09/2023

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