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Agenda Templates

BoardSpot's agenda templates makes building an agenda even faster! Your Organization can create multiple board and committee agenda templates, or use the BoardSpot templates provided. This article spells out how to use BoardSpot's agenda templates.

Only Organization Admins can create agenda templates. Committee Admins can use any agenda templates that have been created in your organization. Contact your organization's administrator(s) for assistance with these tasks.

Building an agenda using a BoardSpot template:

Once a meeting is created, click the Add Agenda on the meeting's page.
Select one of the BoardSpot agenda templates or a Blank Agenda.
Once the agenda has populated, make any changes or additions needed, then Save it.

See Agenda Builder for further instructions on creating an agenda.

Saving custom Agenda Templates is available in Standard, Professional, and Enterprise Plans.

Creating a custom agenda template:

Click the + Create Agenda on any meeting's page, and select the Agenda builder (preferred) option.
The agenda templates screen will appear. Select Blank Template.
Fill out the agenda with the template details desired (copy/paste, or type in details), and click on the Save as template link at the top of the form.
Select Create a new template and fill in the new template's title. Hit Save.
Click Save at top right of the agenda form. Now this template has been saved as the agenda for this meeting and will show up in the template list for future agendas.

Creating an agenda template for future use

Removing an agenda template, and choosing another template:

Click the three dots to the right of the meeting name, and select Edit Agenda.
Click Clear Agenda and Remove all. This will return the Template list screen, where a new template can be chosen.

The number of templates for an organization is unlimited. Each Committee can have their own agenda template, for consistency and ease of meeting prep. Be sure to name your templates in a way that will make identification simple.

If you need to remove a template you created, or rename one, please Chat with us.

Updated on: 23/01/2024

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