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A Specific Meeting's Page

A specific meeting's page displays all relevant information for that meeting. All board members can familiarize themselves with the meeting's details here. This article explains the meeting page access.

Board members, Staff, and Guests will have access to a meeting's page based upon the committee meetings they are part of.

The meeting page clearly lays out:

The date and location of the meeting are displayed in a colored box at top.‌
The meeting agenda and votes are highlighted. All supporting documents are displayed to clearly show their place within the agenda.
Participants for this meeting are listed, including their voting designation and RSVPs.

A specific meeting's page:

Before the meeting: All meeting materials should be reviewed by all participants, in preparation for the board meeting.‌
After the meeting: Once this meeting's minutes have been approved, an Organization Admin will upload the minutes directly to this meeting for future reference.

Updated on: 23/01/2024

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