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Creating a new Meeting

The meeting's page displays all relevant information for that specific meeting.‌ A meeting is visible to members of the committee once it is published. This article explains how to create a meeting and either save it as a draft meeting, or published meeting.

Organization Admins and Committee Admins can set up draft and scheduled meetings. Contact your organization's administrator(s) for assistance with these tasks.

Create a new meeting:

As admin user, navigate to the Meetings page on the sidebar menu.
Click + Create Meeting.
Choose the Committee.
Select whether this is a past meeting, a single occurrence future meeting, or a recurring series of future meetings.
Fill in the overview details- such as date, time, and time zone. Alternately, you can select the duration of the meeting rather than adding the end time.
Select whether this will be a regular meeting, or a special event. Note: Special events allow you to type in a custom event title and easily identify them in attendance reporting. Regular meetings will be titled with the committee name, and date. See screenshot below.
Adding additional meeting information is optional, but there is a text field available for this.
Indicate the Location of this meeting by filling in the check box beside the appropriate selection. For "Remote" meetings and "In Person + Remote" meetings you can then add the Zoom, video, or conference call information.
Click Save & Publish OR Save as Draft.
When a meeting is "Published" it is visible to all participants and the admin can optionally send an email/calendar invitation to the participants, and begin collecting RSVPs.
When a meeting is saved as a "Draft" it is visible only to admins and no participants have access.

Create a new meeting:

There's no time limit on the number of meetings that can be created.
When a Recurring meeting series is created the Location for each meeting will need to be added separately under each meeting's Actions and Edit Details.

Example of Special Event meeting's custom title:

Publishing a Draft meeting:

Moving a meeting from Draft to Published status means this meeting is now visible to the board/committee's participants.
As admin user, navigate to the board/committee's meetings page.
Click on the title of the specific Draft meeting you wish to publish. This opens the Edit Details screen. On the top right select the drop down arrow and click on the Save & Publish button.
A popup modal will appear where you can optionally send an email to inform participants and get this onto their calendars.
Note: when you Publish a recurring meeting series the ENTIRE series will be published.

A draft meeting status:

Publish a Draft meeting:

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Updated on: 25/01/2024

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