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Creating the Meeting Packet

The BoardSpot Meeting Packet feature is simple and automatic. This article will explain how to generate the packet, and the useful features of the meeting packet.

Once the meeting packet is generated, the blue Meeting Packet link is at the top of the meeting's page:

Meeting Packets

To generate a meeting packet:

As an admin, navigate to the meeting page and select Actions.
Select Edit Settings and scroll down to the Generate Meeting Packet checkbox.
Once checked, hit Save. The blue Meeting Packet link will now appear at the top of the meeting's page.

The meeting packet is automatically updated:

When an Agenda is built in the portal, the meeting packet will automatically include this agenda.
When an Agenda is updated the meeting packet is automatically updated, as well.
All documents and links added to an Agenda will automatically be included in the meeting packet.
"Supplemental Documents" added to a meeting will be included in the meeting packet automatically.

Viewing a meeting packet:

A Meeting packet is meant to be viewed inside the portal, by clicking the blue Meeting Packet link.
A meeting packet can be downloaded or opened in another browser tab by hovering over the blue Meeting Packet link and selecting the appropriate symbol that appears.

Emailing a meeting packet:

Emailing a meeting packet is not necessary, as it is visible to participants on the meeting page once the Agenda is "Published".
It is possible to email participants about a meeting packet by selecting Email Participants (under Actions) and using that email interface to choose who receives the email, write your text, and include the "Meeting Materials". Note: That email does not send a downloaded meeting packet, but rather includes a button/link which brings the member right back to the meeting page so they can open the Meeting Packet. This is to prevent multiple versions of a meeting packet and confusion about which is most current.

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Updated on: 29/02/2024

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