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Holding a Vote Between Meetings

Votes can be held outside of a regular meeting following a few simple steps. This article lays out how to action a vote that is not part of a normally scheduled meeting.

Organization Admins and Committee Admins can create votes, hold votes, and set vote outcomes. Contact your organization's administrator's for assistance with this task.

Setting up a Vote Between Meetings:

Click on the Votes link in the sidebar menu.
Click + Create Vote and select which board/committee this vote will be for.
Select "Vote Between Meetings" option
Set the duration (date range that matches how long the voting will be open) and Save the event.
Fill in the vote question information, and which portal users to include in the voting process. Then Save the question.
_Note: you can add multiple questions to a Vote Between Meetings event, by clicking + Create Vote again and following the same steps. It is possible to include different portal users in each question. Their voting experience will only sow them the questions they are given permission to cast a vote for.
Select the Email Participants link under the Actions button at top of the meeting page. Draft an email to inform the participants, and consider highlighting when the voting will close then click Send Email.

Holding a Vote Between Meetings:

When the event opening day arrives navigate to this Vote Between Meetings event and click Open Voting on each question.
When the event closing day has passed click Close Voting on each question.
Click Set Outcome to record the decision made on each question. All participants will now see the vote outcome for each question.

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Updated on: 27/02/2024

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