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Recording Past Meetings

Recording past meetings in BoardSpot is an excellent way to ensure all records are in a single place for ease of access and future reference. Board and Committee members can review past meeting minutes as needed. Creating past meetings and uploading the minutes for those past meetings is simple and easy. This article describes how to create past meetings.

Organizational Admins and Committee Admins can create past meetings in BoardSpot. Contact your organization's administrator(s) if you need assistance with these tasks.

To create a meeting that happened in the past:

As admin user, navigate to the Meetings page on the sidebar menu.
Click + Create Meeting.
Select the Board or committee this series will be for and hit Continue.
Select the Past Meeting meeting type by clicking on that box.
Fill in the date of this past meeting. If you wish to add the specific time the meeting was held, you can uncheck the "All day" box and add the start/end times.
Select whether this was a "Regular Meeting" or a "Special Event". If this was a Special Event, add a custom title for the meeting.
Click Save & Publish to save this past meeting. No notifications will go out to participants of this Board/Committee, regarding this meeting. This meeting will now appear in the "Past Meetings" tab on the Board/Committee's page.
Note: When a Past meeting is created, no email notifications are sent to that committee's participants. Participants must log into BoardSpot to view this past meeting's details or documents.

Create past meeting

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Updated on: 23/01/2024

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