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The Status of a Meeting Agenda

In BoardSpot meeting agendas can either be in a Draft status, or can be Published. Once the agenda is published it is visible to all meeting participants. Publishing an agenda allows the admin to email a notification to all participants. The status of the agenda is clearly shown on the meeting's page in the "status" box. This article will explain the agenda status and notifications.

Organization Admins and Committee Admins can create and publish agendas. Contact your organization's administrator(s) for assistance with these tasks.

Agenda Status: Draft

When a draft agenda is created the meeting status box will show a checkmark beside "Add Agenda".

Visibility and notifications of a Draft agenda:

This agenda is visible to Admins only.

The meeting status box showing the agenda has been added:

Agenda Status: Published

When the agenda is shared with the meeting participants, the "Publish Agenda" status is checked in the meeting status box. Publishing the agenda for a meeting should occur several weeks ahead of the meeting date to allow participants adequate preparation.

Visibility and notifications of Published agenda:

This agenda is visible to all meeting participants.
The admin can send an email to participants informing them of the agenda's availability.

The meeting status box showing the agenda has been published:

Option to send a notification email to participants of agenda's publication:

Email sent when the agenda is published:

Emailing Participants later:

If you choose to not send the email notification when an agenda is published, you can later email the participants to inform them.

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Updated on: 29/01/2024

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